Our Next Sunday Morning Message Series

What breaks your heart? What makes you say, “Somebody should really do something about that.”

When God gives us the idea to change something, it’s because God want us to be part of the solution. 

Nehemiah was a normal, everyday, average guy who was living a posh life. But Nehemiah’s heart was broken because Jerusalem’s walls were destroyed. He has a radical faith and a courageous soul, lays out a strategic plan, exercises personal commitment and has a profound ability to adapt as both a practical and spiritual leader.

His heart breaks for God’s people and he does something about it. Instead of just mourning and praying about it, Nehemiah decided to do something about it.

He looked for the opportunities God gave him and courageously took bold steps. Nehemiah gathered a team to make a difference with him, and he never gave up despite challenges and opposition.

What bold move is God challenging you to take? What bold steps will we, God’s community of faith, take next?

Sundays 9 & 10:30am

September 24 through October 29

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