Youth Mission Trip Fundraisers for 2014-2015!

The following are a list of fundraisers that you can take advantage of to raise money for your mission trips this summer:

Enjoy the City Coupon Books

September 28th – October 26th

… selling Enjoy the City coupon books for $20.  You will make $8 for every book you sell.  Order forms are due back to Traci Davis by Sunday, October 26th.

Wawa Hoagie Coupon Fundraiser

Date: April 5th

… selling 6″ hoagie coupons from Wawa for $4.  Earn $1 for every coupon you sell. Each coupon can be redeemable at any Wawa.  These coupons are a discount to the general public’s cost of hoagies… and we make a profit!

Italian Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday, March 28th

… invite your family, friends and whomever for a great night of food, fun, and basket opportunities. If you help set up, serve, wait on tables & clean up, and work hard of course, you will receive a portion of the fundraising based on how much, how hard and how long you worked.

Flower of the Month Cards

Date: TBD

… cards sell for $20. Earn a portion of every card you sell. It’s a flower of the month club… what husband wouldn’t want to buy this card for their wife for mother’s day. Its flowers, every month for a year!

Night out at Chic-Fil-A

One night in the spring 

… bring your family, friends and whomever to the Chick-Fil-A on Rt. 73 in Voorhees for dinner!

HOPE Golf Tournament

May 16th

… raise funds by soliciting sponsors.  50% of all golf tourney sponsorships that you raise goes towards your trip.  Also, for any NEW (1st time golfer) that you get to sign up for the tournament, you will receive $25 towards your trip.  Brochure will be available in the Spring.

HOPE Yard Sale

June 6th

… set up, service, & clean up.  Those who sign up and work hard will receive a portion of the fundraising based on how much and how long you worked.

Support Letters

now through June 1

… check out our sample support letter.  This is the BEST and MOST effective way to earn money for your trip.  If you send out 100 letters to family and friends and 1/3 of the people respond donating $20 each, your trip is paid for!  All money raised for support letters must be turned in by June 1st in order to receive credit towards your trip.


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