7 Questions that Rattle in the Minds of Most Men

completeA New Small Group for Guys
The pressures of manhood can be enormous, and these pressures are only intensified by the mixed message we receive from culture. Sometimes, it seems as though everyone wants something from you. Does being a “real man” mean having a perfect family, a corner office, a luxury car, and a massive home? Or, is there something more to life, a source of deeper satisfaction? Using Scripture, we will see some surprising and counter-intuitive things about being a man.

Here’s the format: We will begin each session by introducing one of the seven questions; watch a brief DVD presentation; and finally, break up for a guided, small-group discussion.

Facilitated by Pastor Rick Court, this small group will meet for 7 Tuesdays, beginning Tuesday, May 2, 7:30pm, HOPE’s Chapel.
They will end by 8:45pm.

There are no sign ups, just show up.

Beginning Next Tuesday, May 2, 7:30pm …
Every Tuesday for 7 weeks …
7 Tuesdays in a row …
One hour each …
Once-a-week …
for 7 weeeks!


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