New to HOPE?

Hope-ministries-candids-003-e1333482695244Worship Times

We worship each Sunday at 9 & 10:30am.

What is worship like at HOPE?

Worshipers Wanted: No experience necessary. Our worship style is contemporary, engaging and laughter is definitely something we do alot. Expect to feel comfortable. You don’t have to know stuff. There’s tons of music and because we like change, chances are it will be different from week to week. Both the 9am & 10:30am worship services are the same each Sunday with the messages grounded in Scripture and relevant for your life.  They are held in HOPE’s worship space.

What about my kids?

Your kids are going to love Sundays here. Starting with the really little ones, we have a great nursery staffed by qualified adults who will love up your babies and little guys while you worship.

ChosenImageIf you’re not too keen on leaving them yet, that’s okay. We have a Family Room in the back of our worship space where you and you small ones can listen in and hear the message without having to worry about distracting others. Older children get to do both small group gathering and large group worshiping with kids their own age back in our children’s wing. The staff and volunteers create fun and interactive activities, songs and Biblically based lessons that kids are sure to enjoy.

Kidz Can Connect – We also have a wonderful group of specially trained volunteers who are one-on-one buddies to children with special needs. Our Sunday school classes are completely inclusive and we have a system in place where we can text a parent’s cell phone if they are needed. Buddies help their charges enjoy the Sunday experiences along with their typically developing peers while being sensitive to each child’s varied and specified needs.

What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable, so you should know that people at HOPE wear anything from shorts, jeans and sandals to business casual. You’ll even see an occassional shirt and tie and even a dress or two.

Will I be asked to give money?

As a visitor, we don’t ask that you give. So, you won’t be hit up for money. But, you’re probably going to be knocked over by one of our greeters who just want to make you feel welcomed.  They’re pretty friendly.

Coffee-Time1-1024x936What should I expect?

When you come to HOPE on a Sunday morning, what you will see are people who are excited about being together. What you will hear is laughter, great music with a sound and style that changes each week and the sound of children’s voices filling the space. What you will feel is the presence of the Spirit and the warmth of people who care for each other.