Get to Know Heather Mandala – HOPE’s Director of Small Groups

Here’s Heather with her hubby and very best friend, Kevin.


With a background in education, personal and group coaching as well as Christian counseling Heather Mandala is no stranger to Small Groups.  On staff since 2005 she has worked in Children’s Ministry, Founded Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool, and is now overseeing and developing small group opportunities for our HOPE family.  She is passionate about leading others to Christ and developing our future leaders. Heather and her husband Kevin live here Voorhees, with their high school and middle school daughters.



One thing I love about my role on staff …

I get to go to work every day with some of my favorite people in the whole world.  I recognize how rare and blessed this is! To be surrounded by imperfect people, who are striving to be more like Jesus.  We can lead others because we are walking through life together, the good, the bad and the ugly.

A time I saw God at work in my life …

When my husband and I were deciding to move back to South Jersey.  I was torn, loved my friends, community and my job. Couldn’t imagine anything different. But we stepped out in faith – where we felt God was leading us.  Our house sold in three days, Kevin had two job opportunities and within a few months God had led us here to HOPE.  Now I can’t imagine NOT moving back here!

A book that rocked my world (in addition to the Bible) …

“The Power of a Praying Wife.”  This book change my whole perspective . . . not just in my marriage but my entire life.  It shifted from “fixing him (anyone really)” to realizing the only person I can fix is me.  I can only control my reactions, my expectations, my direction. When you realize that everything looks different.

One reason I think people should check out HOPE Church …

Family. Honestly, its one of those … “you don’t know what you’re missing until you find it”.  There is nothing like this community of people.  We aren’t super people.  We are annoying, sometimes snippy, deeply flawed  (we are also funny, loving, caring, and ridiculously fun) …we love Jesus and are trying to be more like him every day.  THAT is an amazing and powerful thing. He is the bond. He makes it all work together the way it is supposed to.

A hobby that I’d love to get into but probably never will …

Spelunking! Kidding, I just love that word; probably horseback riding.  I rode every week as a kid but resources and availability make it much more difficult as an adult.

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