Get to Know Rick Court – HOPE Pastor


The Courts


Rick began his ministry career in 1989 as a youth pastor. He took that first ministry position because it was part time and weekends only; and he was in college. God used that brief experience to infuse a desire to connect with students and introduce them to a relationship with Jesus. He found his calling. For the next 25 years Rick worked with students – all the while honing skills he didn’t know he’d use at HOPE church in the future after he “retired” from youth ministry.

In 1996 Rick joined the HOPE staff as the associate pastor – his “job description” has changed almost annually while at HOPE. Starting as the youth pastor and the Sojourn pastor. And then leading the lobby ministry, the mission’s ministry, now the #weServe strategy, and as a part of the preaching team.

Rick and his wife, Kelly, were married in 1990. They currently live in Atco and have three kids – Nathan, Carissa, and Jordyn.


One thing I love about my role on staff …

I love everything about it. I love preaching on Sunday mornings. I love discovering biblical truths and I love developing a message that will engage and inspire people to move further in their walk with Christ. I love going on mission trips. I love taking a group of people from HOPE and introducing them to ‘family’ in Haiti & Cuba. And I love watching God work in and through their lives.

A time I saw God at work in my life …

I knew God was leading me toward ministry. I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to be a pastor. I had awful perceptions of what a pastor was like or what a pastor did. I had this thought in my mind – all the pastors I knew seemed ancient, sang ancient songs, and wore a robe. It seemed so unnatural to me. I began to negotiate with God –  I will be a pastor but I’m never going to act old, or sing old songs, or wear a robe. And, almost 30 years later … I still haven’t worn a robe, I only occasionally sing old songs (but to new tunes) and I don’t feel old … yet. God chose to make Himself very clear to me in my calling and career; God chose to work through my personality (including my unfounded fears) and has graciously and faithfully navigated my life and the lives of my family members. It turns out my negotiations with God were unnecessary. God knows exactly who I am, God made me that way, and God has put me in places where I can serve God best.

A book that rocked my world (in addition to the Bible)

“Ragamuffin Gospel.” I dare you to read it and not be astounded by God’s amazing grace for someone like me … or you.

One reason I think people should check out HOPE Church …

You can wear shorts … jeans … sandals … t-shirts. Whatever. You don’t have to dress yourself up – inside or out at HOPE. But you do have to wear clothes.

A hobby that I’d love to get into but probably never will …

Is stand-up comedian a hobby? Or is that a career? If it’s a hobby, then I’d do that, stand-up comedian.

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