Get to Know Sue Shaw – Director of First Impressions and Visual Worship Artist


With a background in music including worship music, technology, and education, after retirement Sue was ready to move her “joy job” of Visual Worship Leader and Receptionist. In addition to supporting the staff and congregation in a myriad of office duties, we refer,tongue in cheek, to our Receptionists as “Directors of First Impressions” since they are indeed the first to meet, greet and offer support to folks when they walk through the door during the week. As Visual Worship Leader, Sue designs and creates the “slides” that guide worship throughout our worship services.


One thing I love about my role on staff …

My primary role and that is the role of Visual Worship Leader. Creating slides to enhance and enrich the worship experience is challenging, and for me, an act of worship. Music touches my soul, and sometimes I will think I have a song “finished” for the coming week’s service, later on at night I will get a Nudge that says it’s not quite what He had in mind. I love it. I also love the group of people I am blessed to work with and I look forward to coming to my ‘joy job’ each day.

One reason I think people should check out HOPE Church …

Is that it is such a welcoming family of faith. I’ve heard many people say that when they walk into HOPE (literally and figuratively) that there is a very special feeling.

A time I saw God at work in my life …

I grew up in a faith environment, Church on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, hymn sings, Wednesday night services, singing in the choir. We spent our summers at a Camp Meeting Grounds which had – and still has – services every Sunday and 2 weeks of “Camp Meeting” in July when there were services every night, Bible study and children’s hour every morning, Institute weeks for teens, and a very caring relationship with those who also had cottages on the grounds. It didn’t feel like any of this was ‘required’, it was just who we were. Consequently God and Jesus were a part of the web of my life as I grew, and now as I continue to grow in Him. I know He is at work, daily, in my life.

A hobby that I’d love to get into but probably never will …

Growing up I loved watching Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt (If you aren’t as old as I am that really means nothing to you.)  The underwater world to me was fascinating – as was Lloyd Bridges – he looked great in that scuba gear! I was sure that when I got old enough I would scuba dive to see the amazing thing that exist under water.  By the time I got ‘old enough’ that became something I guess I wished I was courageous enough to do but never was.  While I still think it is all beautiful and amazing, it’s not a happening thing, and as I am writing this, I am wondering if that part of my childhood watching the underwater beauty contributed to my not liking seafood.  Hmm.  Something to ponder.

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