Get to Know Suzy Wilson – HOPE”s Assistant to Worship Arts


Here’s Suzy rocking with her favorite group Toto!



Suzy and hubby, Doug Wilson

Majoring in piano performance and accompanying, Suzy was hired before HOPE Church had its first worship service, first as Accompanist and then Assistant Music Director. Since 1990, she has been privileged to serve HOPE, working with the worship band ministry, expanding the musical worship for Kidz Konnect and accompanying Voices of HOPE and other choirs through the years. She and her husband, Doug, were married in 2005. They currently live in Magnolia with their four black cats, and she has a grown step-daughter as well.


One thing I love about my role on staff …

I am a classically-trained pianist. Since my early childhood, I was steered toward a career in classical music with little purpose beyond performing.  I did not grow up walking with Christ, which also led me to question life’s purpose for me. Learning of – and accepting – a relationship with the Living God AND using my musical gifts to honor Him has been a rewarding and saving blessing, and I now know why I was born to play the piano. I have also been humbled to walk and work with some incredibly gifted and humble musicians who only make me want to be a better musician and instrument for God.

A time I saw God at work in my life …

Back in 1990, after I had been hired as HOPE’s accompanist but before our first worship service, I was in a car accident that left me in a great deal of pain. One day, I got a message on my answering machine (how archaic!) from the pastor of the new church I was going to be playing for, letting me know that he had heard about my accident and that I was being prayed for. Huh? People who didn’t know me were praying for me? Why? God had much bigger problems to deal with, not mine. What I learned was that He was putting people in my life that would eventually become some of my dearest friends, and He was using these people to prove to me that if He was too busy to listen to the prayers of His people interceding on my behalf, then my God just wasn’t big enough. Having an understanding of and love for this God who could be big AND small enough empowered me with His strength during the loss of both of my parents, jobs, entering into marriage and encountering other challenges.

A book that rocked my world (in addition to the Bible) …

“The Shack” by William P. Young. I am a terribly slow reader with a poor comprehension, so for a book to rock me, it has to be an easy and gripping read, which “The Shack” is. So beautifully written, it tells the story of a man meeting God in trinity after the tragic death of his daughter, and this man learns of God’s presence all along his road of grief, anger and disillusionment. He also finds actual peace in the revelation that his daughter truly is with Jesus in Paradise. Oh, that the rest of the world could find that kind of peace in the face of tragedy …

One reason I think people should check out HOPE Church …

One of our worship songs, “Come as You Are,” could very well have been written as HOPE’s anthem. At HOPE, people are welcomed, served, prayed up and loved up in so many ways – no matter where they are in their lives, and what or who they have been. I’ve witnessed my own husband’s love of this church grow from the time that he entered the doors for the first time as someone who never felt church as an inviting place, but rather a place where he had to go and never once learned that God loves him. I’ve heard countless others say that at HOPE, they met God for the first real time. That certainly has been my story as well. HOPE truly does want to meet people, and He meets them right back at this meeting place.

A hobby that I’d love to get into but probably never will.

Space travel. Having very vague memories of the moon landing in 1969, I always have been fascinated and exhilarated by the history of US space travel, especially the earlier flights of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo (I’ve seen “The Right Stuff” and “Apollo 13” countless times). Given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance to travel into space. Just how FAR I’m willing to travel is a completely different question, as I’ve also seen “The Martian” and “Interstellar.”

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