Message Series: Command – The New Command


The Command Series

  • Week 1: Myth- Rules Based Faith
  • Week 2: The New Command
  • Week 3: Love God
  • Week 4: Love Others

Tonight, we continued our four week conversation on Command.  Last week, we focused on how the rules in our lives are meant to shape us into mature men and women.  This week, we went a step further and talked about the New Command.  The New Command is to follow the Commander and to Love.  To Love God and to Love each other.  We talked about how following rules doesn’t define our relationship with God or each other; it is our love that does.

Some questions for family discussion:

  • Are you stuck in your relationship with God because you think it is about following his rules and you are forgetting about the relationship part?
  • Do you think God has some sort of crazy checklist that he is keeping on you?
  • Are you holding yourself back in loving God more because you think he is too focused on what rules you are and aren’t following?
  • What do you need to do to be in relationship with God rather than focusing on the rules?

So when you think about being a Christian, know that it isn’t about following a whole list of rules. It is about Love. Loving God.  And Loving Others.

We pray that great conversations will be sparked between you and your kids.  We are praying for you and your family.  See you next week!

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