Cuba? Really?

Yes!  Really. HOPE is planning a missionary journey to Cuba.

IsleGo, the missionary organization that hosts our trips to Haiti, has for many years been licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury to take missionary teams into Cuba for humanitarian and religious purposes. And, HOPE will be one of those teams in 2013!

As I always say to our teams … a mission trip is not a social event, and it is not a retreat.  It will stretch and pressure you in ways you have not been challenged ever in your life; and it will require you to sacrifice and serve in ways you have not done before. You will be required to put others ahead of your own interests and work together as a team.

And, it will change your life. And, it is very likely you will want to go again, and again, and again.

While in Cuba, we will partner with local churches in the Havana area. During the day we’ll work with these area church people on some construction; and do some discipleship ministry at the local church in the evening. Our specific projects are never known until it gets closer to our departure date.

We will stay in a local hotel in Old  Havana with air-conditioned rooms,                 private baths, security, and meals prepared by local Cuban cooks. Yes, you read that right, air-conditioned rooms. We will also have a “day-off” to sight-see and tour Havana.

The tentative trip dates are August 17-24, 2013. Maybe this is the year you should go? We have our first informational trip meeting here at HOPE Church on Sunday, September 23 at 12 noon. Watch the bulletin for details about this upcoming meeting.





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