Difference Makers … Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Throughout history, the Church has been marked by “difference makers.”  People who refused to sit back. People who fought through adversity and pushed through fear; and came out on the other side, having made a difference in the world they lived.

What’s the difference in difference makers? Character.

Character, a wise person once said, is what we do when no one is looking. It is not the same as reputation—what other people think of us. It is not the same as success or achievement. Character is not what we have done, but who we are. Courage, discipline, vision, endurance, and love are all part of our character development. These qualities are certainly not glamourous … and they certainly are not easy to develop … and people try to get along without them … however, our character is a reflection on our relationship with Christ.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Sundays, August 13 – September 10

9 & 10:30am

Visitors Expected!

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