Dinner for 10 – #WeInvite

Who doesn’t love a good dinner party? How about once a month?

It can be hard to find our spot in communities sometimes, we want to help you do that here at HOPE.  Starting in the fall, Dinner For 10 will be a casual monthly dinner group that will meet to simply enjoy a great dinner and good company.  

If you think this sounds like what you’ve been looking for or you are so excited about the idea you want to host a Dinner for 10 group – let us know!  You can contact Dave Falcone, to join the party.

The available groups are listed below.   All group space is limited and groups will close out once full.

Bill & Traci Davis – will meet on the 3rd Saturday at 6:30pm in their Gibbsboro home. 

Nona Ostrove – will meet on the 3rd Saturday at 6pm in her Voorhees home.

First three meetings: 10/22 (not 10/15), 11/19, 12/17

Stan & Ina Banner – will meet on the 4th Saturday at 6pm in their Voorhees home. 

Linda & Kevin Peterson – will meet on the 1st Saturday at 6pm in their Cherry Hill home. 

Troy & Jeannette Palermo – will meet on the 2nd Saturday at 6:30pm in their Voorhees home except on October 8 when they will meet on October 15 instead. **

**Note: Childcare will be available at HOPE during the Palermo group from 6-8:30pm for a cost of $20 per family per night (as needed).  If you would like to utilize the childcare option, please let Dave know when you signup. Children should be fed prior to arriving.

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