Dirty Hands – June 8, 2014

The church is called to be a mission outpost, not a Holy huddle. Next Sunday, June 15, HOPE will begin a new, three-week series titled, Dirty Hands. That’s where we’ll look at the church’s mandate given by Jesus …To bring good news to the poor via our service to the world. We’ll also look at what it means to serve those closest to us, and how we can develop up-close and personal habits of service.

On the last Sunday of the series, June 29, we will be commissioning the people of HOPE Church who will be involved in special service over the summer. Commissioning, grounded in Scripture, is a solemn recognition of a person as she or he sets out on a path to a particular work of ministry. We see in Acts 6 where the Apostles choose seven people for the special ministry of serving the widows. They placed hands on them and prayed over them before launching this important ministry. Also, in Acts 12, before Paul and Barnabas left on their first missionary journey, they too received the prayers and the laying on of hands by the church leaders.

Each of the six teams we will be commissioning helps fulfill one of HOPE’s four core values … Missions … how we touch others. We will be seeing three teams heading out from HOPE to serve in short-term missions and three teams serving here in special short-term ministries, specifically …

  • HOPE’s Middle School Mission Team who will travel from July 6 to July 13 to Wheeling, West Virginia. Our High School Mission Team will travel to Nashville, Tennessee from July 26 to August 3. Both teams will reach out to the local poor and elderly helping those who can’t help themselves. Close to 100 students and adults make up the two teams in total, with many of the adult volunteers using their vacation time to be a part of this mission.
  • We have 14 adult mission team members traveling to Cuba from August 1 through August 10. While there, they will serve a local church in Havana by working construction and doing some discipleship ministry at the local church.
  • An estimated 230 children will attend this year’s vacation Bible school, Weird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind. Taking place from June 30 through July 3. Children from 3 years (by June 1) to 5th grade are invited to participate. It takes between 50 and 60 volunteers to make it all happen, along with lots of donated items and materials. To find out more, email Christine Graves at
  • Chill With Chelsea will give a favorite summer program a new look this year. They will be hanging out with our neighbors at Chelsea Place playing games, enjoying ice cream and just relaxing. This six-week initiative will begin after July 4 and take place during the evening one day each week. More details will follow.
  • HOPE’s 5th Annual Music/Drama Camp will be held from August 4 through August 15. This year’s camp will produce The Agape League which is about a special group of superheroes. Their job … to remind us to not let the distraction of this world keep us from displaying the extraordinary virtues— the Fruits of the Spirit. With help from 20 some volunteers, the 60 campers will present the free, live production to the public on Thursday, August 14 at 6:30pm. In order to help offset the $100 registration cost, people may go to to donate with our thanks.

Every one of these teams not only represents Jesus Christ but us, their HOPE family, as well. Ultimately, we are all a part of these teams as we pray for them, encourage them, provide financial support and celebrate with them when their service is complete. We truly are on body in ministry and mission together.


I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets.
— Pope Francis

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