Doubting Jesus

Do you find yourself on the “spiritual fringe”?  Are you investigating, but still undecided?  What images come to your mind when you hear or see the name Jesus?

There are some people who think they know Jesus pretty well – the son of God who was kind, gentle, and loving.  But digging deeper into scripture you soon discover some things Jesus said that are … well, kind of hard to swallow.  And we are left with more questions than answers. During this small group we’ll take a fresh look at Jesus and discover through head-on and down-to-earth discussion a new understanding of some of the things Jesus said.  We’ll discover that questions and doubts are OK – and that they can actually help to deepen and strengthen our faith.

This group is being led by Kevin Mandala and Rick Court beginning Thursday, April 19 through June 7. They meet in room 10 at 7:30pm.

Target Audience – Spiritual doubters and those with questions.

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