Equip Conference – September 2016

Equip Conference for Small Group Leaders

We are excited you are going to join us for our Small Group Leaders Training Conference – EQUIP on Saturday, September 10, 2016.  Our goal? To Equip Leaders within the church to grow, develop, challenge and hone their leadership skills.  So, lets do that together! We have a great conference planned.


This September, we are excited to be expanding to include churches within our community. Not only will we have speakers from other local churches hosting workshops in their areas of expertise, but we will be inviting local church leaders to join us!  If you are from a local church and would like to participate, we encourage you to send your team to a variety of different breakout sessions. And, if you would like, you can have a room for 11 to 12 people to debrief together and develop and hone the vision for your home church.


Not a Kidz Konnect, Youth Ministry or general small group leader yet, but think you might want to be? Are you a parent that wants to know more about what small-group leaders do for your children? Then, this is a great way to find out more information! All are welcome!


Group Leaders, click here to Register your church!

SCHEDULE (Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016)

8:00am Check in & Continental breakfast 
8:30am – General Session 
9:15am – Breakout Session 1
10:15am – Breakout Session 2
11:15am – Ministry Specific Team Meetings** 
12:00pm dismissal


**(HOPE’s Youth and Kidz Konnect ministry teams will meet during this time. This is an optional time for other churches to meet with their teams. If you would like to meet with your team at HOPE, please let us know ahead of time so we can provide a space for your team to meet.)



How to Partner with Parents
Led by Christine Graves
Parents have on average 5824 waking hours a year with their children.  The church has 52 hours at best a year.  How can we partner with parents to maximize our impact on a child’s life? In this session, we will look at ways to work together with parents to reach kids in ways that grow them deeper in their relationship with Christ and each other.
This session is offered during Breakout 1.


Teaching Kids to Love Their Neighbor
Led by Janine Fleming
How can we walk with kids as they learn to love their neighbor? Do they know who their neighbor is? What opportunities can we provide for children and their families to share God’s love with their neighbors across the street, track and ocean?
This session is offered during Breakout 2.


Meeting Kids Where They Are
Led by Judy Knight
Children pass through many different developmental stages.  In order to lead and connect with them, it is important to understand what developmental stage they are in socially, emotionally, and educationally.  In this session, we will discuss these different stages and ways to lead and connect with kids at each level.
This session is offered during Breakout 1.


How to Connect with Kids outside the Classroom
Led by TBD
Connecting with kids outside the classroom can be tricky.  If we only see them on Sunday mornings, it is difficult to form deeper relationships that build trust and confidence.  This session will give you practical ways to connect with kids more regularly and answer questions about the best ways to build deeper relationships with the kids you lead.
This session is offered during Breakout 1.


Youth Ministry Small Groups 101
Led by Dave Falcone
Ever wonder what it means to be a youth ministry small group leader?  What does that entail?  What kind of impact do they REALLY have on students?  This session is a great session for the new youth leader looking to hone in on the basics, anyone interested in potentially being a small group leader and those that want to find out more about youth ministry small group leaders.
This session is offered during Breakout 1.


The Must Haves of Youth Ministry
Led by Dave Falcone
Youth ministries look different at every church. There are so many factors that come into playrural vs. suburban vs. urban, the size of the church, the personality of the leader, the landscape of the students in the ministry, and so many other factors. At the end of the day, there are a few Must Haves that are foundational in youth ministry. During this session, we will be talking about those Must Haves that span across all youth ministries and are vital to the success of connecting a generation of students with their Creator.
This session is offered during Breakout 2.


How to Connect with Students Outside of Small Groups (Youth Ministry)
Led by Tara Dea
Small Groups are often defined by a scheduled meeting time, but more often than not it is the gatherings and interactions outside the scheduled youth ministry gathering time that brings the most change and cultivates growing relationships with Jesus and each other.  In this session, we will be discussing practical ways to connect with students.  Participants will be encouraged to share ideas about activities, technology and strategies that help propel small groups from a meeting time once a week towards an integrated and essential part of life.
This session is offered during Breakout 2.


Break the Ice: Icebreakers, Warmups and Anything Else to Get Your Students (or anyone) Talking
Led by Ashley Evans
Sometimes our small groups need an extra nudge to get everyone talking. This is a great session to learn some interactive ways to help students “warm-up” to the group. Discover new tools to help stimulate conversation on a basic level so that students can move to the next level of deeper discussion with one another. Come prepared to move around and have fun as we learn!
This session is offered during Breakout 1.


How to Grow While You Lead
Led by Steve Hoadley
As a leader, how do you grow?  You constantly find yourself pouring into others, how are you being poured into yourself?  During this session, we will discuss ways to make sure you are being poured into as you pour into others.  In addition, we will talk about the pitfalls to watch out for as you look to grow as a leader.
This session is offered during Breakout 2.


How to Deal with Difficult Personalities
Led by Heather Mandala
God has blessed us all with unique and beautiful personalities, it is what makes the body of Christ work! But we all know that some of us require a little more grace than others.  This session will look at some of the most common difficult personalities types you may meet when leading a small group and some of the best ways to manage them.
This session is offered during Breakout 2.


How to Bring Your Faith Outside with You. 
Led by Benjamin Green
What does it look like to be a christian leader in a secular world? How can we stand true to our beliefs when surrounded by people who believe differently? Join Lieutenant Ben Green who after a number of overseas tours, has a unique perspective on sharing the Love of Christ in a world that doesn’t believe.  Working now at a local church he has brought those experiences into our everyday realities.
This session will only be offered during Breakout 1.


How to Serve within Your Small Group
Led by Rick Court
Neighborhoods in the past, had at least one primary difference from our 21st century neighborhoods of today; many of those homes had a front porch. While “porch-sitting” tremendous information could be accrued and conversations could occur. Relationships were started. And action followed and relationships were deepened. A front porch can make all the difference. At HOPE we choose to spend our days near the front porch, developing a real awareness of and becoming known by our neighbors. Who is our neighbor? Someone once asked Jesus this same question … What would it look like for your small group to “meet on the front porch”? Not literally, but figuratively. Is your small group ready to create impromptu encounters by serving … building relationships while serving … serving the neighbors just beyond your front porch? @ HOPE #weServe.
This session will only be offered during Breakout 1.



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