Equip Conference Sign-up for Small Group Leaders

EQUIP 2016

We are excited you would like to join us for our first Small Group Leaders Training Conference – EQUIP on Saturday, January 30th, 2016.  Our goal? To Equip Leaders in the Grow strategy to Lead Better.  So, lets do that together! We have a great conference planned.  Please make sure you sign up for breakout sessions at the bottom of this page.


8:00am – Check in & Continental breakfast 
8:30am – General Session 
9:15am – Breakout Session 1
10:15am – Breakout Session 2
11:15am – Ministry Specific Team Meetings (Youth Ministry & Kidz Konnect Only)
12:00pm – dismissal


How to Connect Outside of Small Groups (Adults, Youth and Kids)
Led by Steve Hoadley, Tara Dea & Paris Kucharski.
Small Groups are often defined by a scheduled meeting time, but sometimes it is the gatherings and interactions outside that prescribed time that bring the most change and cultivate growing relationships with Jesus and each other.  In this session, we will be discussing how to understand the rhythms of life to help make being part of a small group more organic and natural.  Participants will share ideas about activities, technology and strategies that help propel small groups from a meeting time once a week/month towards an integrated and essential part of life.
This session is offered during both Breakouts 1 and 2.

How to Deal with Difficult Personalities
Led by Heather Mandala.
This session is offered during both Breakouts 1 and 2.

How to Plan a Small Group
Led by Ashley Evans
So, you have made the commitment to lead a small group but are at a loss of where to start. Or, maybe you are thinking about leading a small group and want more information before taking the leap. Perhaps you have been leading a small group for years and are just curious about learning new ways to lead your group. Regardless of your small group background, this break out is designed to walk you through the fine details of preparing to lead your small group.
This session is offered during both Breakouts 1 and 2.

Youth Ministry Small Group Leader 101
Led by Dave Falcone
Ever wonder what it means to be a youth ministry small group leader?  What does that entail?  What kind of impact do they REALLY have on students?  This session is a great session for the new youth leader looking to hone in on the basics.  This is also a great session for anyone interested in potentially being a small group leader and those that want to find out more about youth ministry small group leaders.
This session is offered during Breakout 1 only.

How to Grow While you Lead
Led by Dave Falcone
As a leader, how do you grow?  You constantly find yourself pouring into others, how are you being poured into yourself?  During this session, we will discuss ways to make sure you are being poured into as you pour into others.  In addition, we will talk about the pitfalls to watch out for as you look to grow as a leader.
This session is offered during Breakout 2 only.

How to Use Kidz Konnect Curriculum Best
Led by Chris Graves
If you are a small group leader for Kidz Konnect, you need to attend one of these sessions!
This session is offered during both Breakout 1 and 2.

Alpha Training 
Led by Tim and Lori Lutter.
This session is for alpha small group leaders and helpers.  If you are an Alpha small group leader or helper, please sign-up for this session.  If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to be an alpha leader or helper, please feel free to join us!
This session will only be offered during Breakout 1.

Planning in joining us?  Please sign up below: