Get to Know Today’s Preacher … Heather Mandala

There are people who know how to organize and then there are people who know how to motivate. Heather Mandala does both … well. Heather, who has been on HOPE’s staff for a decade, seems to know how to make things work for everybody.

Heather and her husband, Kevin are proud parents to daughters Meridith and Rachel. A former teacher, she holds a degree in early childhood development. When Heather founded Tomorrow’s HOPE Preschool seven years ago, she created a culture that assured each child would be able to connect in his or her own way … with others … with teachers … with Jesus. No child is left behind at Tomorrow’s  HOPE Preschool, because every child is understood and authentically loved.

Three years ago, Heather was asked to increase her hours and take on our fledgling small group ministry. Her ability to keep the groups growing, current and well matched has been an amazing blessing to the now 300 plus people who participate each year.

A soon-to-be certified Life Coach, Heather has been instrumental in developing our new leadership curriculum which was recently presented for the first time at the annual District Day of Learning. Held at HOPE and hosted by the Gateway South District of the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey, this event is well-attended by close to 200 clergy and laity  from various churches throughout the area. It is hoped this curriculum will help advance and mature future leaders as they grow and continue their work to bring the Good News to others.

Another spiritual gift that Heather has been blessed with is that of preaching. At its heart, preaching is testimony and Heather’s is strong and unique from the perspective of a daughter, a wife, a mother and a friend to many. A gifted communicator, Heather is able to share how her vital relationship with Christ helps her in these many roles.

Pray for Heather this morning and pray that God will raise her up as she delivers our morning message.

You may reach her by emailing




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