H7 HOPE Membership

H7 is a component-based series of sessions that will fit your busy schedule. All sessions meet Sundays 10:30am in HOPE’s Chapel and may be taken in any order.

Here is a list of our next sessions:
9/25 Session 1 — HOPE’s Story: Vision, Values and Virtue (Led by Jeff Bills, Marilyn Bills and Scott Crews)
10/2 Session 2 — God’s Story of Redemption (Led by Rick Court & Dave Evans)
10/9 Session 6 — Connecting People to God and Each Other (Led by Heather Mandala)
10/16 Session 4 — The Story of the Early Church (Led by Randy Petersen & Donna Lee Conkwright)
10/23 Session 5 — The Church’s Story Through Time (Led by Kevin Mandala and Nona Ostrove)
10/30 Session 7 – Our Story: Moving Forward Together (Led by Dave Falcone & Jack Shaw)
11/6 Session 3 – Your Story of Faith and Growth (Led by Tom & Lorita Boyle)
11/13 New Member Sunday

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