Here at HOPE …

A couple of weeks ago, two of our founding families—  one from Sojourn, one from HOPE—  joined together to celebrate and bear witness to a marriage.  It seemed fitting the Sunday after the Spindler/Wilson wedding to have the people of Sojourn and HOPE meet again  … this time to launch the merging of the two worship experiences.

As they joined together, worshippers were met by a veritable sea of red and blue tee-shirts. The kids and adults wearing them represented the 80 some individuals who are part of this year’s summer youth mission trips travelling to tornado-affected Alabama. We commissioned both the middle school and high school teams along with their adult leaders asking God for safety, health, stamina and grace in the challenges they will face.

After church, more than 200 HOPEsters enjoyed a BBQ at the Fellowship Alliance Church campground in Marlton. An afternoon of swimming, boating, great food and fun was made all the more special by the Baptism of eight individuals! Four for the first time!

All of these events came on the heels of a weeklong, cyclonic event otherwise known as our annual Vacation Bible School. This year, VBS had over 200 children and more than 80 volunteers participating and learning about God’s love for them all while having a tremendous amount of fun in the process. Plus, they raised $1,238 for the House of Abraham orphanage in Haiti! That’s where our adult mission team served back in May.

Our youth volunteers, after spending the mornings helping with VBS, joined the rest of their middle school and high school friends and spent the afternoons travelling to various locations to bowl, swim, watch movies, play golf and just hang out together.

For a church that says its mission is to  connect people to God, to each other and to connect the church to the world to be salt and light…this was a pretty good week! Thanks and praise to God!




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