Hope for the World – September 22


I can remember years ago talking with my husband Kevin’s grandmother.  She was a devout Catholic with a deep and abiding faith.  She was really the only one in the family with whom Kevin could easily share his faith.  One night as we sat around watching M.A.S.H. and chatting, she looked at us and said, ” You say His name so easily.” We looked at her confused until she continued, “Jesus.  We were taught not to say His name.”  It struck me as odd, not to speak the name of Jesus.


Being raised in a Christian home, being deeply involved in church and christian groups through college, talking about Jesus was easy and common place. I rarely gave it a second thought. But it occurred to me recently that I don’t speak His name as often as I did.  I think somewhere along the line, when talking about my faith, society had subconsciously pushed me to eliminate or at very least curtail my use of Jesus’ name. I would speak of God often, but not His son.  That took me by surprised and honestly humbled me quite a bit.  I am now very conscious of including His name when I speak about my faith.  Not in an effort to offend, far from it!  But because it is with renewed passion and vigor I remember that HE is the reason for all that I do, all that I am, all that I have. I don’t want to forget that and I want to share it!


I cannot imagine walking through life without knowing Jesus; without having his promises to rely on.  My heart aches as I look around and see a world hurting without Hope.  I want to be sure that I am willing to share my reason for Hope whenever given the opportunity!



  1.  Have you had the opportunity share your reason for Hope recently?
  2. If given the chance would you be comfortable sharing your faith?  Would you know what you want to say?
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