Hope for the World – September 27


When I think about sharing my faith or telling others about Jesus, I think ,what does that really mean to me? What do I mean when I say that I am a Christian? What does it mean to others when I tell them that I have a Savior, who is the hope for this world? These questions make me think of what it would take to me more like Him. What do I need to do in my life so that others can see Jesus and not me?


I blog-picbelieve that there are two ways for others to see Jesus in you, through what you say and by what you do. Your words and your actions. When I say that I am a Christian, I am saying that I believe there is a God. I believe that He has a son, Jesus, that He sent to die on the cross for our sins, and when we choose to believe in Him, we can spend eternal life with Him in Heaven one day.


When I say that I am a Christian, I am saying that I believe in what the Bible says and I do my best to obey His Word. On a daily basis, I try to do what is right, as to bring glory and honor to Him. I work to have a close personal relationship with Him through prayer and by going to church. I spend time in fellowship with other believers and I try to be there for them to share in the burden during hard times.


When I say that I am a christian, I am not saying that I am perfect, that I am better than anyone, or that I have it all together. I make mistakes just like everyone else! I have made bad choices and I struggle with the flesh all the time. I am human and I am weak and I know that there is never enough grace to cover my sins, yet He still continues to give it.


When I say that I am a Christian, that means I do my best to be kind to others. To extend grace to others who may not deserve it, just like He did for me. I try my hardest not to judge others for the decisions they make in life. Instead, I try to love them and be there for them in anyway possible, even if it’s just to listen. After all, He listens to us 24/7.


In John 13:35 (NIV) it says, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


It can be hard sometimes to share your faith, beliefs, and what you mean when you say you are a Christian. Maybe you want to share, but you are afraid of what others will think or that they won’t understand. That happens a lot for me, but I know that my actions speak louder than words sometimes, and if I am following what He says in John, I don’t always need words to share the love of Christ. It can be my actions towards others. It may be one act of kindness towards a stranger or just sitting in silence, holding the hand of a loved one, who has just been through a tragedy. It could be as simple as holding the door for someone or letting them go before you in line at the store. This is how people see Jesus in you.


Then people might say, That’s what they mean when they say they are a Christian.


Most importantly, this is when people say, Maybe there is hope for the world!


-Erin Kessler



Thought Questions

What makes it hard for you to talk about Jesus and share your faith?


Why do people sometimes respond better to actions than words?


What do you mean when you say that you are a Christian?


What are some examples of Christ-like behavior that you could try model when you are around others?

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