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HOPE’s Mount Laurel Campus …

How many people will it take????? Plenty!

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Volunteers for HOPE's Mount Laurel Campus

Praying God’s Permission, Provision, Place and People …



HOPE's Next Campus Thomas Harrington Middle School - Mount Laurel, NJ

HOPE’s Next Campus
Thomas Harrington Middle School – Mount Laurel, NJ



We continue to pray for the people who will attend HOPE’s Mt. Laurel campus. There are roughly 4,500 households with children living within a 2 1/2 mile radius. That represents close to 20,000 people that we have the ability to reach.

Replicating HOPE’s DNA in our next campus will also require HOPE people to help by volunteering to serve in a number of areas both in Mt. Laurel as well as in Voorhees. If you would like more information, please email Pastor Rick Court.

We started with a 30-day prayer initiative. Over 300 of us praying for permission to move ahead (from the Holy Spirit); people (of HOPE and Mt. Laurel); place (to hold worship services); and God’s provision (for the resources necessary including, core group, talents and finances). We continue to feel led by the Holy Spirit to expand our wonderful family of faith. The leadership of the Greater New Jersey United Methodist Church have given us their full support. Now that we have a confirmed place, we can continue to work on building a committed launch team, develop a clear financial picture and schedule a special congregational meeting, open to all, to vote to proceed.

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