HOPE’s Next Sunday Morning Message Series

HOPE’s Next Sunday Morning Message Series
April 23 through May 14, 9 & 10:30am
This Changes Everything
After the resurrection the disciples were left wondering.
Wondering what’s next? Wondering where do we go now? And, while they were waiting and wondering,
Jesus was preparing them. Several times after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples. They were challenged, commanded, encouraged, and inspired. The resurrected Jesus changes everything! What does that mean for us, today, in the 21st century?  What difference does the resurrected Jesus make for me? As HOPE prepares for this next era of ministry … we want the resurrected Jesus to challenge, command, encourage, and inspire our next steps. We believe Jesus has big plans for us, as a community and as individuals, and those big plans are plans to change us and change the world.
Visitors Expected! #WeInvite

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