HS Retreat: What to Bring?

Going on the High School Retreat this Friday?

Don’t forget to bring all the things listed below:

– Bible, pen or pencil (You DEFINITELY need your BIBLE this weekend! If you don’t have one, don’t hesitate to text or email Dave and ask for one!)

–  Warm, comfortable clothes (really, it will be COLD!); we will be outside at one point!

– A watch

– Pajamas

– Sleeping Bag and Pillow

– Toiletry stuff, towel, washcloth, etc.

– Games, if you want (to play during free time)

– Any Snacks that you may want


What NOT to bring . . .

– ANY electronics (iPods, Cell Phones, laptops, etc.)

– Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fireworks (Duh!)

– Shaving cream (We expect to see hairy faces and legs!!), balloons, and any- thing else that would tempt you to prank someone.



We will meet at HOPE at 5:00PM on Friday, 2/17/17 and will be stopping for dinner on the way. See you then!

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