HYM Prayer Initiative

We want to share that we have decided to postpone the 24hr prayer initiative set for 9/16/17  to a later date. However, we would love for you to join us in praying on your own time.  for Hope’s Youth Ministry over the next few weeks as we kick of our 2017-2018 year!

Here are five things you could be praying for:

1. Pray for our students who will be returning to small groups, that they may come to see new ways God is working in their lives. Pray that they will feel confident in who they are and in their faith in Jesus.

2. Pray for our youth ministry team as they prepare to lead students this year that they feel energized and excited to serve. Pray that they continue to fill themselves up spiritually so they can continue to pour into the next generation.

3. Pray for our upcoming 6th Grade Welcome event that students entering into youth ministry feel welcome and at home in a place many of them will spend the next 7 years.

4. Pray for our upcoming SNL Kickoff Events on 9/24 that new students will be encouraged to come out and feel that HYM is place for them to belong.

5. Pray for the parents and families of our students as everyone returns to school and jumps back into busy routines that they feel supported and encouraged. Pray that they are able to find quiet moments in their days to remember God’s love for their family.

Thank you for praying for us! Your prayers will have a huge impact on the lives of students and adults as they continue to be a part of HYM or as they join us for the first time this year.

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