Message Series: Jonah – God Says “No”

Jonah Series

  • Week 1: God Says “Go”
  • Week 2: God Says “Yes”
  • Week 3: God Says “No”

Last week, Dave talked about how “God can do UNIMAGINABLE things when we are faithful to Him.  When we choose to say “Yes” to what God has planned for us, some crazy cool things unfold.”  This week we will be talking about when God says “No” to what we may want.  Jonah wanted Nineveh to suffer for its disobedience to God, and when God showed mercy Jonah was furious.  The challenge this week is to think about how we act when we don’t get what we want; whether it’s from God or our parents.

Some questions for family discussion:

  • When things don’t go your way, how do you respond?
  • Do you ever feel like God has told you “NO” when you asked him about something?  What was it?  Why do you think he said no?
  • Jonah wanted Nineveh, Israel’s enemy, destroyed.  When have you wanted revenge rather than restoration in a relationship?
  • What hard lesson have you had to learn from God?
  • What is one way you can extend God’s love and mercy toward others, particularly those who don’t deserve it?
  • How can you positively respond and accept God saying “NO”?

God shows grace even when we think someone does not deserve it.  We have to learn to take a step back and remember it’s not always about us, or our needs and desires.

We pray that great conversations will be sparked between you and your students.  We are praying for you and your family.  See you next week!

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