Life, it’s more than a game

The piece of Jeff and Marilyn’s discussion last Sunday that resonated well with me was the core principle of Communication…especially as it relates to my children. My 2 children are 17 years old and 15 years old. Our relationships with each other as well as our conversations have matured and changed over 17 years.

stoplooklisten_logo_square_colour1“Stop Look and Listen” is such a valuable practice for a parent of a teenager.  My kids are not small any longer and the ways they seek to communicate with others are dramatically different than the tugging arms of a toddler. Young adults express their thoughts, desires and opinions in a rapid fire texts, posts or a 140 character tweet.  The art of verbal conversation seems rare unless it’s practiced and valued at home. Being available for discussions, debates or conflict (at times) with my children has been essential in my opinion and only helps reach ‘engaged listening’ that Jeff addressed on Sunday.  

One of my children was recently in a job interview with tens of other young adults seeking employment for the same position. My child came home from the interview and shared with me that the manager commented on her ability to hold a conversation with an adult, look the employer in the eyes and smile while speaking.  She was offered the position, with a life lesson attached.  These qualities of communication are no longer assumed, but happen as a result of practice and raising it as a value. This was one instance that went particularly well, although there are countless others where we are humbled by a breakdown in communication.  This is one of our many daily prayers. – Carol Boynton

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