LIFE- It’s more than a game – August 1

Welcome to week five, wow time is flying by!

Because these are loosely based on our sermon series, if you weren’t here on Sunday now is a great time to catch up on the podcast.

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Have you ever had to have that hard conversation? It isn’t easy is it? Those times when you have to tell someone how their actions affected you?  Or you have to let someone know they have crossed a line.  It can be so hard to speak a difficult truth, none of us like to have those tough conversations but avoiding them doesn’t help either.  The reality is that all we can control in these conversations is how we handle ourselves. We know we need to present things with love and care, but once we speak how they respond is not within our control.


What we can do is make sure we go into these conversations with as much prayer and forethought as we can.  Spending time in scripture can be crucial. Sometimes seeking counsel from someone with wisdom we trust, who perhaps isn’t as emotionally invested in the situation, can help us process the best way to approach a difficult truth. – Heather Mandala


How have you dealt with speaking hard truths in the past?

Has anyone spoken hard truths well  to you?

 What else does the Bible say about truth?

Proverbs 3:3 (NSAB); 12:19, 22:21, 

Other books:

John 8:32

Psalm 15:2

Psalm 145:18

Jeremiah 5:3


Discussion Questions:

  1. 1. What jumped out at you from this sermon?  Was there something you looked at in a new way?
  2. 2. Is there a place where truth needs to shine in your life?
  3. 3. Is there a conversation you’ve been putting off that God has laid on your heart?
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