Life – It’s more than a game – August 11

Hannibal-Smith-the-a-team-35362783-200-200“I love it when a plan comes together…” was a favorite saying of Col. John “Hannnibal” Smith’s character on “The A Team” movie and TV program. I like it too, when elements of my life seem to merge unexpectedly together. That happened this past Sunday as Pastor Rick Court spoke of the importance of friendship in our lives, and how they must be treasured and nurtured and not left to whither.


On Saturday I was uncharacteristically working in the garden on the side of my house. In this one section of garden there is a single rose bush and then a slew of day lilies. I’m not sure slew is the correct term for a large patch of day lilies, but there are is bunch there. Patch? Bunch? Anyway, if you know anything about day lilies, they are the rabbits of the flower world, reproducing rapidly and determinedly. Since, as I implied, it was uncharacteristic of me to spend much time in the garden, the day lilies had, in fact, overrun the rose bush so that this year it didn’t get enough sun to grow and bloom. I set out and pulled the weeds and grass and day lilies so that the rose bush is exposed again and I hope it will refresh itself next year and eventually grow and bloom again.


I was struck by the parallels to Rick’s message. The rose bush is like a beautiful friendship. It will grow and bloom, unless you let it get strangled out. That part is pretty obvious, and it’s easy to draw parallels to the weeds in our lives. But here’s the thing that struck me. Day lilies are not weeds. They are not bad things… they are quite beautiful in their own way. The fact that they inhibited the rose bush from growing is not a commentary on the “badness” of the day lilies, but on my inattention to the rose bush.


Friendships are frequently lost or squandered or whither, not because we’re doing a lot of bad things. It is really likely that we are filling our lives with lots of good things. But that can still result in the crowding out of the “2 am friends” to which Rick referred… those you can call at 2 am because you need to talk with someone.


I’ve cleared the area around the rose bush and it is pruned back. However, it is likely to take more nurturing to bloom again as it once did. Plus I’m going to need to keep the day lilies from overcrowding it again. I also think maybe I should make some calls to some of my “blooming” friends this week.

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