Life, It’s more than a game – August 22

Welcome to week eight!

Because these are loosely based on our sermon series, if you weren’t here on Sunday now is a great time to catch up on the podcast.

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The MiddleSo my family has a new favorite TV show, The Middle.  I have enjoyed it for years but in the past few months the rest of the crew has gotten on board. So we have been binge watching The Middle almost every night (the eldest just started another episode while I type).

Yes, currently our DVR has over 30 episodes of the show either waiting to be watched, or re-watched . . .don’t judge!

We are huge Patricia Heaton fans and really the show just cracks us up.  The Heck family is just dysfunctional enough to make you feel pretty good about yourselves, but close enough to reality for us to relate.

And I love it because, yes you guessed it, they’re messy!  They forget things (birthdays, anniversaries, . . . sometimes children). They mess up, mix up and sometimes give up, but never on each other.

Instead they wrestle with the same cultural myths we so often judge our own lives by:
The Perfect Family
The Perfect House
The Perfect Job
The Perfect Kids

They, like the rest of us, drop the ball, get distracted by the little things, struggle to make ends meet, are plagued by the “what ifs” in life, and worry about what others think of them.  How often do we as families get caught up in that?
What if Johnny gets cut from the team?
How are we going to pay for that insurance bill?
Do we live on the right side of town, will they like us?
Do we spend out of our budget to keep up with our neighbors and friends?
Do we sacrifice peace for prestige?



Jeff talked yesterday about the core principles we should hold in our families:







If we can let go of our image of what the “perfect” family looks like and cling to the principles God calls us too while it isn’t easy, it will make choosing our battles a little easier.


So I will continue to enjoy watching the Hecks battle their everyday battles, ones I can relate to (sometimes too well).  But in my own life, when I am feeling defeated, overwhelmed, discouraged I am going to cling to His promise.  Seek Him first, live according to His priorities, and He will give us what we need.

Gotta run – the family has started an episode without me!

What else does the Bible say about strong families?

Proverbs 18:24







Other books:

Psalm 127:3


  1. Was there anything in particular that jumped out at you from yesterday’s sermon?


  1. None of us come from perfect families, nor do we have perfect families.  Are there “core principles” you are holding onto that differ from what God has set forth?


  1. Is there a particular “core principle” you want to be intentional about implementing in your family?




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