Life, it’s more than a game – August 29

Welcome to week nine!

Because these are loosely based on our sermon series, if you weren’t here on Sunday now is a great time to catch up on the podcast.

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In wrestling with what it means to have Godly compassion the latin route of the word compassion, compati really stuck with me.  Compati- means to suffer with. When I am searching for what the action is God what wants me to pursue, I have come to realize that there are times when the right course of action is exactly that, simply being present during another’s pain.  Often this is true during times of loss.  We look for the right words or actions to ease that person’s suffering.  The reality is that there are no right words. In fact often our words get in the way of our heart.

Senior and young holding hands


Sometimes compassion, is just being with someone in their pain.  Being willing to listen, show up and invest our time and our hearts in someone else can be the greatest gift we can offer.  Has there been a time when someone’s compassion has show you God’s love?



What else does the Bible say about strong families?

Proverbs 14:21

Proverbs 14:31

Proverbs 22:9

Other books:

Psalm 51:1

Psalm 103:8

Psalm 103:13

Psalm 145:8

Nehemiah 9:19

Matthew 14:14-17

Matthew 20:34


  1. Was there anything in particular that jumped out at you from yesterday’s sermon?
  1. Do you know where you fall on the “compassion spectrum”? What is your next step?


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