LIFE- It’s more than a game – July 26

We do tend to have a love hate relationship with discipline. It requires things of us or from us that we aren’t always excited about giving … even when we know it it for our good!


What is an area within your own life that you feel you are appropriately disciplined?


In the spiritual realm disciplines was defined as “God-given tools designed to give us a well ordered life that honors God and blesses others”. There are a variety of spiritual disciplines (tools) including but not limited to; prayer, scripture, meditation, tithing, fasting, worship, serving others, confession….


It is important to remember that the discipline is never the point; it always a pathway to a deeper more intimate relationship with God.


Why do you think people get confused about this?


I highlighted four steps to developing disciplines in your life;

  1. A vision for your life that is worthy of the applause of heaven
  2. Act like an investor
  3. Say “yes” tonight to tomorrows commitments
  4. Celebrate Wins

disciplineWhich of these four do you find most challenging? Why? How can you overcome the challenge to develop a new discipline (or renew and old one) into your life? – Jeff Bills



Consider: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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