Life, it’s more than a game – September 15

Trust can be a seriously beautiful part of a relationship. But sometimes it can be also become seriously lost. I’m sure each of us have experienced a poor example of it somewhere in our lives. Maybe you were offered your dream job only to have it fall through. Maybe you trusted a dear friend with private information that later he or she leaked to others. Maybe family left without warning or a loved one pushed you away.

Lost trust can be hard for us to recover. And often, with our hurt and bitterness as building blocks, we construct walls to not let anyone in. We use these devastating moments to blame God or move away from God … or simply decide we can do it better than God. We become more aware of examples of why we shouldn’t trust anyone. And what I’ve found, is it often leaves us exhausted and depleted, stuck on a fast paced track of constantly trying to protect or defend our vulnerable hearts. So then, lack of trust morphs into extreme need for control, which consequently can lead to us hurting ourselves – and others – more than we may have intended to.

But Proverbs 3 gives us reprieve. It promises us of a God who will always show up, always love us, always seek the best for us above all else. In verses 7-8 I find myself exhaling as I read how when we run to God, “Then you will have healing for your body and strength for you bones.” Rebuilding of trust doesn’t just heal us emotionally, but mentally, spiritually, and yes, even physically. Even more poetic, the Message version of Proverbs 3:8 “your very bones will vibrate with life!”

photo-1440549800803-9e2d063c9d00I want that! I want to be vibrating with life everywhere I go. But in order to discover the healing of this kind of trust in God, we have to first relinquish control to the feet of Jesus. We have to be willing to share with God that things in our life have hurt us, and we are scared to let Him in, but we are willing to try to walk toward Him. And maybe, with a little encouragement, run toward Him as well.

Author Jennie Allen posted this on her Facebook earlier this week,

“It is the fight for control that has us all tied up, while it’s really an illusion anyway. We control because we are afraid of what may happen if we let go. Do we really think we are better captains of our lives than a God who sees everything and deeply loves us? So we pursue our scrapbook dreams, distracted, too busy to see He’s already with us and has our steps planned. The days and pictures and people He puts in our scrapbooks are seemingly chaotic but perfectly planned.”

I really hope that the end of my life involves me getting to sit on the floor with God and pour through the scrapbook He has of me as He tells me about each time I chose to trust Him, even in the tiniest of moments.

– Ashley Evans


Questions to consider:

What do you consider a beautiful example of trust in your life?

When was a time you felt you lost trust in someone or something?

What are the areas of your life you try most to be in control of?

What does it feel like to think about releasing control to God?

What are some of the times you feel you have seen God show up in your life, big or small? Do you think it was related to a decision to trust in him?

As we come to end this series, look back through the weeks and re-read ones that stood out to you. Meditate on scripture you loved. Pray through topics that challenged your way of thinking. Ask God to continue to help you trust Him as you walk moment to moment through your life.

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