Life, it’s more than a game – September 6

As Randy spoke on Sunday, specifically as he shared the story about how our perception triggers our anger and often our perception is wrong, it made me think of a picture.


You kold lady:womannow this one right?  The one where some people see the old lady, while others see the young woman’s profile. So often we are positive that we are correct, willing to bet the farm that we know what that other person “meant” by that text.  Or we are just positive that we weren’t invited because of something we said or did.  We allow our perceptions, often based on emotion and supposition to trigger our anger response. It isn’t easy to put aside those emotions and try to look for the positive or try and see the other person’s point of view.  But often we can avoid a lot of heartache for ourselves and others if we can take a step back to try and see things from the other person’s perspective.


Like so many other things in life, I can rarely do it alone.  I have learned that I need my group of friends around me.  People I can trust to speak the truth to me.  Friends that don’t jump on my bandwagon, but truly have God’s best for me as their goal. I count on them to be able to help me get outside of my own perceptions and begin to see someone else’s point of view.  – Heather Mandala


What plan can you have to help you step back and take a time out the next time you feel that anger start to build?


Do you have the at friend you can turn to?  Who can speak truth to you in love? Can you put them on notice that you might be calling?


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