LIFE -It’s more than a game, Welcome Letter


We are thrilledPostOnline that you have decided to join us for our first Online small group! Whether you are doing this study because you are going to be traveling a lot and want to stay connected, or you just want to use this to dig deeper we hope this will be a great Next Step on your walk with Jesus.

This summer we will be studying the book of Proverbs. This book is packed full of Godly wisdom, which is so important because LIFE is more than a game!

We want to encourage you to participate as much as you are able.  Each Monday you will receive an email letting you know what will be coming up the rest of the week.  It will also include additional scripture around the topic being discussed, some discussions questions, and it will include links to that week’s sermon.

On Tuesday you will receive an email with a devotion and reflection questions which you can answer independently or in the comments section of the blog.  We are excited to be able to learn and grow together by sharing our thoughts and experiences in the comments area.  Our speakers and blog writers will be responding to your comments and questions – so let’s keep them busy!!

On Thursday you will receive an additional email with a devotion expanding up on the theme for that week.  Sometimes they will be videos or interviews that are relevant to what we are discussing. Of course, they will also have reflection questions and more opportunities for discussion in the comments section of the blog!

See you online!

Heather Mandala

Director of Small Groups


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