Marriage Study

Forever Marriage study is starting soon!

To register click here.

Hey, married person, How’s your WITH? You know, your WITH, your connection to your spouse.  Want to make it better? (Here’s a tip we all can use some help connecting.)  Here’s one way – surround yourself with people who will help you keep your WITH working.  People who are not only with you, but FOR you.  That kinda of encouragement combined with go and do’s you can actually go and do, can give you just want you need to get your WITH back!

For those of you who may need childcare, Josh and Heather Cooper will be hosting this small group in The Hub every other Sunday, Starting May 1st from 2-4. Please be sure to register so we can provide adequate childcare!

If you don’t need childcare Frank and Maureen Caso will be hosting this study  every other Wednesday night at 7, out of their Voorhees home beginning March 23.

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