Message Series: “Impact of Service”

This week we will be focusing on the impact service can have within a community, nation and the greater world.  I will be using the movie “Pay It Forward” to help illustrate the message this week.  “In 2000, there was a movie out that really affected anyone that saw it – it was called “Pay it Forward”.  In the movie, a 7th grade class is challenged by their teacher to think of an idea to change the world and act on it.  It is an extra credit assignment in social studies and Trevor, the main character, gets an idea.  His idea is called pay it forward.” – Betsy Marvin


Open It:

  • Who here has been on a mission trip? (does not have to have been a Hope trip; could be a service project of any kind) If so, how many? Which was your favorite? Why?
  • How did you feel after that experience?


Going Deeper: (Read 1 Peter 4:10)

  • How were Peter’s readers to use their gifts? (4:10)
  • What gift(s) do you think God has given you that you could use to serve others?
  • Have you used those gifts? If so, explain how.


Aside from mission trips, HYM small groups use to go out and serve members of our Hope community and beyond.


  • What are ways, as a small group, you could serve?
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