Message Series: 20/20 (Babel vs. Pentecost)

2020_visionHey parents! It’s been a while! But, we’re as excited to be starting off another year of SNL as you are having an extra 2 hours to yourself each week.  This week, we spoke about the difference of having our focus fixed on Jesus rather than ourselves when we gather together.  In Genesis 11, when people gathered to celebrate their own success and left God out of it, they were punished and put to shame.  However, in Acts 1-2, when God’s people gathered to pray to and praise Him, they had an unimaginable experience of His power.  Your student will be able to tell you so much more about the similarities and differences between these two instances.  Through this, we’ve started off the year with by committing our time together to Christ.  So, how can you bring this lesson home with your student?
-What is the real difference between Babel and Pentecost?
-In what ways has your focus as a family been steered away from Christ?
-How can you make your home more focused on Christ?

One last thing.  As we hope to see incredible spiritual awakening and growth this year, please be praying and believing hard with us.  Set apart time to pray for your students as well as our staff volunteers and the other students in this group to be affected in major ways by our Great God! Thank you so much for your support as always!

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