Message Series: 20/20 Week 3 (Blessed to Be a Blessing)

Last Sunday, we closed out our opening series called 20/20.  We’ve been speaking about our vision and goals for this ministry.  Specifically, this week, we spoke about how we are to relate with the world around us.  We did this by reading through God’s covenant blessing on Abraham in Genesis 12.  That passage ends with God saying that Abraham isn’t simply to hold on to all of his blessings and hoard them.  Rather, he is to bless others through the blessings he’s received.  God’s grace shouldn’t stop with him, but flow right through him to those around him.  The same is true for us still thousands of years later!  That can be done physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  So, some discussion points for you and your student even though it’s midweek now could be:

-What physical things have you been blessed with that you can use to bless others?
-How can you support another person who is going through a tough time?
-Who is one person that you can share the spiritual blessing of knowing Jesus with that doesn’t know him?

As we keep asking questions like this and actually talking about them, we are sure to progress in our relationships with one another and our faith in Christ.  So, do it!  Make discussions happen and endure the awkward silences.  It’s so worth it!

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