Message Series: 20/20 Week (Vulnerability)

2020_visionTonight, we spoke about the second part of our vision as a ministry – connecting students to one another in authentic Christian community.
We did this in our large group time by talking about the story of Joseph testing his brothers after meeting up with them again in Egypt that can be found in Genesis 44-45:12.  The main point that we focused on is vulnerability.  It took Joseph and his brothers both breaking down to one another for them to be able to find reconciliation, healing and growth.  Even we want to see REAL growth, then we have to learn to have REAL relationships with one another.  That means letting others into what’s really going on in our lives.  This could be a great chance to practice this with your student.  It may not feel comfortable at first, but try to muster up the courage to be vulnerable and honest and lead them to do the same.  Some conversation starters might simply be:
-Who at SNL do you trust the most to talk with?  Is it a student or a leader?
-Is there anything you want to talk about? Or is there anything stressing you out?  Ask them a couple times because they will definitely say “No” the first time.
-This also might just be a perfect time for you to speak a little bit and let them into what you’re going through.  Most parents don’t even think to do this with their students because they’re afraid their children might see weakness in them.  However, the opposite is much more common.  Teenagers can empathize with difficulty in life and develop trust as we let them into what we’re going through.  So, try it.

We’re praying that your student is learning a growing a lot and that they find a community of trust here with us.  We’ll see you next week!

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