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Chasing Love

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This Sunday will be Valentine’s Day so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about the holiday, but more importantly relationships.  American culture today has very little censorship, and the belief is that we should feel free to do whatever we want whenever we want because it will make us happy.  Each generation has more and more exposure to sexual images, songs and other medias.  There will be two different approaches this week so that it remain age appropriate for High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers.

Here are some of the questions from Small Group this week:

  1. What did you do for Valentine’s Day or plan to do? If you are doing nothing, why is that?
  2. What does love mean to you?
  3. How do you show those closest to you that you love them?

Mark 10:6-9

  • What was God’s original plan for marriage before sin entered the picture? (10:6-9)
  • What is the meaning of “they are no longer two, but one”? (10:8
  • Why do you think 50% of marriages fail?

Hey, Moms and Dads, looking to have a good conversation with your son or daughter?  Here are some sources we recommend:

Sex Matters by Jonathan McKee

Dateable by Justin Looked and Hayley KiMarco

God Girl: Becoming the Woman You’re Meant to Be by Haley DiMarco

The New Rules for Love Sex and Dating by Andy Stanley

The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body (Pure Foundations) by Jim Burns

Every Young Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn

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