Message Series: Friendship – Friendship in Action

For November, our series is about friendship.

Here are some questions to think about from this week’s theme, “Friendship in Action.”

Open It:

  • When I’m talking with my friends we usually talk about…
  • The quality I appreciate most in a friend is….
  • When I feel a distance growing between a friend and me I usually….
  • How do you handle drama? Bullying? Conflict?

Go Deeper:

  • Tonight’s verses on friendship:
  • What does each verse say about friendship in action?
  • Which one can you relate to the most?
  • Which one is the hardest for you to understand?
  • What do these verses say about handling drama/bullying/conflict?
  • Who is the friend you can rely on the most right now? Why?
  • Who is someone you need to be a better friend to right now? How?

Close it:

  • What is one way you can serve your friends this week?
  • Who could you invite to SNL next week? Hold each other accountable!
  • Pray out!
  • Remember to find out about upcoming events you want to be a part of! Check our social media or HYM calendar!
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