Message Series: “In What You…” 1 Timothy 4:8-12

This week we are spending one week on 1 Timothy 4:8-12. We’ll be talking about how once we have decided to change, we actively practice and train for it in our everyday lives.

Here are some of questions related to this week’s theme:

Open It:

– How was your week? What’s new?
– What are things you do throughout your day that you think about? What are things you do without thinking? (i.e. brushing your teeth, walking to class, etc.)
– Who in your life do you look up to as an example? Why? Ask the question again but specify – Someone your age? Someone older than you? Someone younger than you?
– Have you ever trained for anything? What did it require?

Go Deeper:

– What did you think of the message tonight? What stood out to you? Why or why not?
– Re-Read 1 Timothy 4:8-12. What part of this stands out to you? Why?
– Do you pay attention to how you are an example to others? In what way?
– Why do you think Paul reminds Timothy about the benefits of ‘training for godliness.” What does that mean? (4:8)
– Paul encourages Timothy that he is able even though he is young. Do you ever feel like you are not capable of something because of your physical age – or your spiritual age? Why?
– What would it mean for you to be an example in what you say? how you live? how you love others?
– What is one way you can encourage each other?
– What is one small way you can be an example?
– Often we try to do this alone and forget we have an ENTIRE BOOK to help us! What is one small way you can focus on scripture the way Paul encourages Timothy to do?
– Who can you ask for help in this process?

Close it:

– Pray.
– Remember to check out upcoming events!
– Going on the High School Retreat? See you Friday!
– If you are in Middle School – do you have a small group night out plan? Talk to your small group leader!
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