Message Series: James 1: Part 1

This series we are spending three weeks on James 1:19-27. We’ll be talking more about what it means to live out our faith actively every day.

Here are some of questions related to this week’s theme:

Open It:

– How was your week? What’s new?
When are you most likely to lose your temper?
Who do you look up to as an example of someone who is “quick to listen and slow to get angry?”

Go Deeper:

– What did you think of the message tonight? What stood out to you? Why or why not?
Re-read James 1:19-21
James tells us to be “quick to hear, slow to speak.” Have you had situations where you did the opposite—slow to hear, quick to speak? What’s the problem with that?
What does the word righteous mean? What does righteous mean in connection to God?
What is the relationship between anger and righteous living?
How can being quick to speak and quick to anger get you into trouble?
What do you seem to react quickly to in anger? (Example: When someone cuts me off while I am talking, I get angry easily).
What makes it hard for you to be a good listener? When do you listen well? When don’t you want to listen?
How do displays of anger and temper affect how we represent Jesus to others in our lives?

Close it:

– Pray.
– Remember to check out upcoming events!
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