Message Series: James : Part 3

This series we are spending three weeks on James 1:19-27. We’ll be talking more about what it means to live out our faith actively every day.

Here are some of questions related to this week’s theme:

Open It:

– How was your week? What’s new?
– How do you define religion?
Do you think of religion as a good thing or not? Do you think your neighbors think of religion as a good thing?
– Have you ever encountered people who seem religious to you yet their words don’t match their actions? Give an example. What do you think of that?
What is the difference between religion and a relationship with God? What is the same?

Go Deeper:

– What did you think of the message tonight? What stood out to you? Why or why not?
Re-read James 1:26-27
– Verses 26-27 focus on religion. How does James define religion? What are three specific ways he defines it? Was it similar to what you or the group said earlier?
Does James use religion in a positive way? Why or why not?
Why do you think James mentions these and not other types of good deeds?
– James instructs us to care for the neediest members of society. In your life or in your community, who do you think is the most in need? How can you practice relationship with God by helping them?
– What parts of this world pull you away from caring for those who are in need and putting them before yourself? Why? How do you change your perspective of what you put first?

Close it:

– Pray.
– Remember to check out upcoming events!
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