Message Series: Reel Christmas “Home Alone”

Reel Christmas Series

A Christmas Story

Home Alone

Christmas Vacation


Open It:

  • What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  • What is your LEAST favorite Christmas movie?
  • What stood out the most to you from Dave’s message?

Matthew 1:1-18

  • Whose genealogy is Matthew tracing? (1:1)
  • What prominent ancestors of Christ are mentioned? (1:1)
  • What significant women were ancestors of Christ? (1:5-6, 16)
  • The genealogical record is divided into what three periods? (1:17)
  • What important event and three people are used as a basis for marking the generations? (1:17)
  • How many generations are cited in all? (1:17)

Going Deeper:

  • Why do you think the Bible includes long genealogical lists like this?
  • Why do you think Matthew traces Christ’s ancestors back only to Abraham and not all the way back to Adam?
  • If God works sovereignly and graciously even when we sin and make poor choices, why should we make the effort to live righteously? (1:6)
  • Why do you think God waited so many generations to send Christ?
  • How do ancestors and family histories affect who we are?
  • How might this passage encourage those who suffer from a dubious family history?
  • What can you do to minimize your family’s past mistakes and maximize your family’s potential in the future?
  • How important is family heritage to you?

Apply It

  • What actions do you need to take (or choices do you need to make) this week so that your descendants look back on your life as something to live up to and not something to live down?
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