Message Series: Rice Bowl Challenge: Week 2

For this two week series, we will be partaking in a Rice Bowl challenge with the entire HOPE community.

Want to know more about the Rice Bowl Challenge?

Here are some of questions related to this week’s theme:

Open It:

– How was your week? What’s new?
– How did it go this week? Did you do the Rice Bowl challenge?
– What came out of it?
Think through your day – what choices do you have to make that you don’t even think about? Which ones do you think about?
– How much of your day do you spend worrying about yourself v. others?

Go Deeper:

– Read Luke 12:29-31 together.
– Why do we worry about food and clothes?
– What if you were asked to give some of them away to someone else? Could you?
– When have you seen the truth that God knows your needs and meets them?
– What step can you take this week to share your earthly treasures with others?
– We may not always have the clothes or the money or the “things” to give everyone who needs it. Beyond providing for material needs, what are other ways you can serve those in need as a Christian?
– Read Matthew 21:21-22 together.
– How has this challenge changed your perspective on poverty?
– What have you learned about God through this challenge?
– Have you felt led to make any specific changes in your life because of Rice Challenge?
– What attitude did Jesus encourage us to have in prayer?
– What requirements must our prayers meet?
– What specific prayer will you pray for the person who is to receive the gift of food your rice bowl donation will purchase?

Close it:

– Pray. Pray for the Rice Bowl challenge. Pray for HOPE NEXT!
– Remember to check out upcoming events!
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