Message Series: Small Group Year in Review 2016-2017

We are almost to the end of our year!! It’s crazy! This week is our last week of small groups. We will have one more SNL together on 5/21/17.

Did you miss last week’s post? We talked about mentoring. Is your student interested in having a mentor? Click HERE!!!

Here are some of questions related to this week’s theme:

Open It:

– What has been the highlight of your year from September until now (not necessarily related to HYM)
– What has been the hardest part of your year from September until now (again not necessarily related to HYM)
– What was your favorite thing you did with HYM this year? Why?
– What is your favorite HYM memory (ever)?
– What made you laugh really hard this year?
– Did anything new or life changing happen for you this year? What?
– What have you been praying about this year?
– What was your favorite snack?
– What was your favorite game?
– Are you looking forward to summer? Why?

Go Deeper:

Which of these series did you connect with the most, why?
Here is a list of our series:
– “The Power of Community”
– “The Impact of Serving”
– “Evil and Suffering”
– “Reel Christmas” – series related to Christmas movies.
– “Re:Solution” – New Year’s journals
– 1 Timothy 4:8-12 – “Be an Example”
– The book of James – Listening & Doing, Faith & Deeds, Taming the Tongue
– Rice Challenge
– Heroin Seminar
– Mentoring
– Also! Middle School or High School Retreat!

Close it:

– What are some topics we didn’t cover this year you’d be interested in? (Leaders – relay these to Dave or Ashley!)
– Pray. Pray about the possibility of having a mentor in your life or give thanks for your current mentor. Pray for HOPE NEXT!
– Remember to check out upcoming events as we head into the summer!
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