Message Series: What If…? Part 2

This week we are wrapping up our 2 week series called “What If – How your choices direct the outcome and path of your life”. Last week, we talked about some what if questions. What if our students didn’t care what other people thought about them? What if they would stand up for what they believed in, despite what everyone else thought? Well some did.  They chose to stand up for what they believed in.

We will be talking about two stories from the book of Daniel.  Both of which are pretty freakin’ cool.  About some dudes that chose to make really gutsy decisions that ultimately led to… well you need to just read it.      

  • Week 1: The Fiery Furnace
    • Main Idea: WHAT IF I didn’t care what people thought about me?
  • Week 2: The Lions Den
    • Main Idea: WHAT IF I acted on what I believed?

Week two takes us into the timeframe when the Medes and Persians had conquered Babylon.  The new ruler, King Darius issues a decree that Daniel doesn’t agree with, as it will compromise everything he believes in.  He chose to do the right thing…even if it led to death via a lion’s den.  Of course, in the end, he triumphed because of his faithfulness.  Take a minute and read the story: Daniel 6.

Here are some questions for family discussion:

  1. Under what conditions would you consider stepping into a lion’s cage?
  2. What would you do if your right to pray in any public setting was legally taken away?
  3. Why do you think God protected Daniel?
  4. If you were attending a public event at which you felt that your Christian values were being compromised, what would you do?
  5. What qualities in Daniel do you most admire?
  6. How is the Lord your lifeline in difficult circumstances?
  7. If you consistently show trust in the Lord, how do you think He will reward you? Be honest, don’t give a “Sunday School answer” here!
  8. What can you do to become a stronger, more courageous Christian?
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