Message Series: When God Is Silent “When God Says What We Don’t Want To Hear”

When God Is Silent Series:

The Dark Night

Where Did I Go?

When God Says What We Don’t Want To Hear.


Open It:

  1. Have your parents ever told you that you couldn’t do something that you wanted to do? What was it?
  2. Have your parents ever told you to do something that you didn’t want to do? What was it?


Jeremiah 29:4-11

  1. What specific commands did God give the exiles regarding how they should settle down? (29:4-6)
  2. How did God want the Israelites to think about and react to the foreign country in which they lived? (29:7)
  3. By whom were the exiles in danger of being deceived? (29:8-9)
  4. After what period of time did God promise to bring the people back to the land? (29:10)
  5. What was the nature of God’s plans for Israel? (29:11)


Going Deeper:

  1. Why was it important for the exiles to know that God planned to prosper them and not to harm them?
  2. What emotional reaction would most people have if asked to pray for the prosperity of their captors?
  3. How do you think God would have us pray for our country?
  4. Why does God want us to seek Him with our whole heart?
  5. What does it mean to you to seek God with your whole heart?
  6. What could God be saying to you that don’t want to hear? (a need to forgive someone, a sin that you need to let go of, a hurt that is crippling you, etc.)




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